Newsletter November 2019

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Newsletter November 2019

In recent months we have been thinking a lot about how we can relieve and enrich the work of sports professionals in the use of our platform.


 Indeed we often have the same feedback: the design of programs and sessions takes a little time at the beginning. Mainly the time to become familiar with the platform.


Once this was identified, we really wanted to make it easier to get started. If there is one thing you do not have in unlimited quantity it is time. So we decided to optimize it to the maximum.


With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Marc Coronel in our team as Director of Sport Programs.


Marc brings us his very long experience in the field. He knows your needs perfectly as an instructor and presenter Senior Master Class award-winning for TRX, TP Therap, LifeFitness, ActivMotionBar and the coaching team of Under Armor.


He has worked as an international consultant for gyms, schools and major international groups since in the US and internationally. If you wish to consult his profile in its entirety we invite you to consult his social networks.


Marc, in his role as sports program director, will accompany our evolution to offer you more value, the first changes are planned for the beginning of the year. One of the first novelties we can announce is the possibility of using pre-designed The Life training programs with the option of adapting them according to your needs, in multiple disciplines.

With his in-depth knowledge of the market practices and needs Marc allows The Life to take a step forward and offer more content, more programs and adapted services to better meet the professionals of the sport.


We continue to evolve, grow and offer you the best follow-up training.

 Team Thhe Life

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