About us

What is Naja:

Naja is a multi dimensional monitoring and advisory service that combines the management and optimization of physical activities, sports, nutritional monitoring and sleep via an avatar from your PC, Tablet, Mobile, Game console, TV or other.


Naja Why?

A simple observation there is no solution to manage satisfactorily implementing a monitoring improving the quality of life on the three main aspects that are sports activities, food monitoring and recovery


The founders

Patrick Sonou - Founder

As a professional, during these 19 years of professional life, he helped launch and business development on behalf of various companies in the software world. Forty years ago today he wants to converge professional experience of development and business management with his passion for the sport.

Nazira Jasar - Founder

In charge of accounting in various companies in the world of luxury and finance. Â 34 years she has experience with over 10 years of accounting management and customer-supplier relationship. It combines efficiency and firmness with an acute sense of relationship. She manage budgets + million euros billing. Passionate about food and diet, it now wishes to contribute its operational experience in a project that fascinates and carries its corresponding value.