Why the New Year's good resolutions don't last ..

Published : 2020-01-09 14:28:03
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Why the New Year's good resolutions don't last ..

Like every end of the year, there are many excess foods. All of this time is high in sugar, so your balance tilts the wrong way at the start of the year.


But don't get me wrong, diet is not the only reason for this weight gain or heaviness; How many of you are stressed by the holidays, the endless list of gifts, the more than usual busy schedule .

Consequence almost no time for sport or very little, state of nerves at the cleat and finally very disturbed sleep. It is this harmful mixture for your organism which is responsible.


To start don't throw yourself on diets and detox, the only thing you will lose is your time and money. A detox cure as we offer it in all magazines does not exist it is science that says it


It is not good to frustrate your body in this way, first force-feed it and then deprive it. No wonder you do not get there in time, because your body from the moment you deprive it of food it stores so as not to miss in the future….


So how do we do it?


This end-of-year period is also a time of sharing joys and happiness, do not feel guilty, you enjoy it is essential. Get back to a physical activity that is right for you.


Walking is one, running is free and for everyone. You want to go further, have a coach follow you, he will guide you and above all motivate you. Also if you have the possibility do a group activity it is always more stimulating.


Drink lots of water; Skip the sugary and alcoholized drinks, let your body regenerate.


Have a light grip on sugar, but eat as much as you want. Find a restful sleep, if you have some difficulties do a little yoga, meditate it works.

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