Newsletter The Life May 2019

Published : 2019-05-10 10:46:42
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Newsletter The Life May 2019

When Performance makes googly eyes on Data 

Not so long ago the word Data did not inspire confidence, and even was seen as a bit scary.

In the field of sport or health, the fear was there. Too much data, what data, why and especially for whom. Data sharing was clearly not on the agenda. The fears of either getting lost or being completely replaced by algorithms was pregnant.

We are lucky or not that the world is moving at lightning speed.

Making the mass of data available  intelligible to us and easily usable has become possible. This is not about replacing anyone, but about providing information to help in decision-making. What took days, weeks or even months to identify areas for improvement, today we can do it simply on a daily basis by analyzing the data continuously.

And it's those why you changed your mind, we managed to convince you.

Today, as soon as you have enough data, you can prevent injuries, get players to play at peaks, schedule athletes' training cycles at the right time, and understand why they are not at their best at any given moment.

It's not science fiction, it's data analysis. In all aspects, as well as sport, nutrition, health and mental, the data and the crossing of it improves the performance. It is no longer a question of reaction but of proactive approach, of prevention.

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