Newsletter The Life June 2019

Published : 2019-06-10 17:06:47
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Newsletter The Life June 2019

Before "wrapping up" this season we want to answer a question that many of you ask: what is the place and impact of AI in the human decision?

It is obvious that artificial intelligence affects all fields but particularly that of health and sport.

In recent years, AI has proven itself and it is obvious that the benefit and utility of these algorithms is fundamental.

As part of The Life, AI obviously occupies an important place, and it will evolve over time. It is important for us to give you all the information you need to follow, train and improve the physical and mental performance of your athletes. With this information you will find the best ways to meet the needs of your athletes.

But then is there a human decision in all this? Yes yours.

With The Life it is decisive! Of course we trust artificial intelligence and it was our bet from the start of our platform.

But above all we trust the human. Even if the algorithms are perfecting from day to day, we prefer to leave the final decision in your professional hands.

Because numbers have never replaced a conversation, just like a look and especially the famous feeling! You are closer to your athletes and you rub shoulders with them every day. In our opinion, only you are able to determine having taken into account all the information you need to lead your teams to success.

You are at the heart of our business and your knowledge and your decisions belong to you.

Team The Life

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