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You can contact us by phone at +33 9 72 29 56 93 or by email at the following address info@naja-business.com

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We accept payment by credit card and bank transfer

The Life by Naja - Concept
A global approach to well-being

Get back into shape without deprivation or frustration here is the concept Naja, we offer you the opportunity to regain your balance with our comprehensive programs tailored.

Appetizing recipes, sports programs at the map, blog and chat to you

Naja fits to your lifestyle and not the reverse.

The Life by Naja Concept

Lose weight, sculpt your body, regain physical and nutritional balance.

With our personalized programs. We will help you achieve your goals.

Without frustration or deprivation.

An overview of our concept

Custom sports programs
Healthy recipes
Relaxation / recovery / sleep
A team of professionals at your service

So what are you waiting for to join?

Life is Sport

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